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              Drinks are concentrated  Pro Elixir's


From custom grown organic trees, shrubs, herbs & flowers. All ingredients are concentrated extracts from roots, seeds, herbs and flowers that are essential to heal, boost & train your body to absorb and synthesize worlds' healthiest nutrients.* Below we offer 2 Drinks for overall health.

Buy any drink or see our Packages that offer a suggested combination for certain health goals.

Drink (Cold) Promotes: 

Cleanse kidney, liver, blood & intestines from heavy metals, toxins & Xenoestrogens

Maintains weight

Prevents bloating

Improve fat metabolism

Cleanse from addiction

Balanced pH

Regulate blood sugar level & sugar uptake

Cholesterol control

Acne control & reduction 

Cancer control & healing

Hormone balance, improve.

Rebuilds red blood cells. 

Provides oxygen  formation.

Boosts thyroid function.

Provides most unique bio- minerals, bio-omegas & bio-vitamins.

Repairs tissue & mitochondria


Recommended to drink cold in the morning to protect your stomach and entire system.  

Drink (Hot) Promotes:

Rebuilds stomach lining, kidney, liver.

Controls acid reflex & internal pH.

Maintains to be regular by healing & strengthening intestines.

Improves alkalinity and digestive health.

Boosts immune system support

Strengthens heart and veins

Reduce arthritis and inflammation

Improves brain: cognition, memory, moods, concentration.

Reduces depression.

Improves & heals joints, ulcers, stones, arthritis, fibromyalgia.

Muscle tissue repair & tightens flab.

Stimulates production of muscle mass

Increase body immunity

Heals chronic anemia

Increases stamina

Haemoglobin formation

Regulates growth and bone development

Strengthens cartilage, joints, tendons and the heart

Maintains hormone balance, & prevents menopause side effects or hot flashes.

Rebuilds healthy DNA, brain, skin 

Improves sleep quality.

Regulates blood pressure/sugar & pH.

Cancer control & cancer healing safely!

Cholesterol control

Detox from heavy metals, high cortisol & from  Xenoestrogens.

Strengthens red blood cells.

Increases oxygen uptake. 

Strengthens thyroid.

Boosts energy, immune system, and performance.

Recommended to drink as mixed with hot water before sleep.

Both Promote: 

Anemia reverse-iron absorption

Stop aging, cellular repair

Stop loosing hair, eyelashes, Strengthen nails

Improve sleep quality 

Minerals absorption

Energize mind and body 

Massive rejuvenation

DNA/genes, strengthening Mitochondrial energy renewal 

Addiction fight

Detox of major organs, liver, kidney, blood, bones.

Detox from toxins, heavy metals & Xenoestrogens

Strengthening body against flue, allergies & depression

Recovery from cancer of any type (Both drinks needed) 

Prevention from cancer ( 1 drink once a while) 

Menopause stop & prostate stop

Massive rejuvenation of all body organs

Healing stomach, liver, kidney, heart, brain & rebuilding healthy

Drinks counteract cell oxidation which causes damage and ageing

Drinks do not interfere with prescription medications. 


Polyphenols, flavonoids, omega 3-6-7-9, bio-minerals, bio-vitamins (A, B-9, C, D, E, K), trees, shrubs, roots extract, seeds, herbs, petals, amber,  iron, oxygen, botanical enzymes, collagen from seeds, electrolytes from flowers, amino acids to rebuild genes (DNA), micro-fibres: all contribute to building new cells and prevent the deterioration of existing cells. How is this beneficial? Your body is made up of millions of cells that need unique nourishment to perform properly. For any issue, nourishing your cells with the Drink/Elixir will promote your health.

Rejuvenate - Refresh - Replenish



Buy the package right for you or ask us to make a specialised Drink

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