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Cool & Healthy Products for a Cleaner and Energetic Life

100% pure botanical for mind and body

Our Skin and Body Health care line are so natural and fresh they must be kept cool in the fridge. Concentrated nutrients in each product combat an array of issues and boost existing health.

  • For face available: Serum Regular Salon quality, Serum Extra strong Lift, Electrolyte Multi-Vita Tonic, Mask, Pulping Cream, Wash, 

  • For  body available: Hand cream, Dark spots serum, Pain relief serum, Breast Lift serum, Breast enlarge serum.

  • For internal health: Rejuvenating Drink/Elixir Cold & Drink/Elixir Hot, Bio-Bone Synergistic, Sleep Recovery extracts, Loose Weight extracts, Breast Enlarge extracts, Stop Aging extracts, Grow Back Hair extracts,

  • Moveth: Libido for man extracts, Prostate reverse extracts, Libido-wet for ladies extracts. 

Nourishment to heal and rebuild skin, mind and body. From whole herbs, seeds, trees, shrubs, roots, fruits & amber there are 150 nutrients with rich minerals, iron, oxygen, vitamins (A, B-9, C, D, E, K), botanical enzymes, fibers, flavonoids, polyphenols, omega 3-6-9, electrolytes, collagen from seeds, botanical proteins, and amino acids to rebuild genes (DNA) and your mitochondria. 

For you,


Find more information on prodcuts here, and how we can help you

Or simply contact Fero Face Fit with a list of health improvements you would like to see and we will recommend the best products

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