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Full Health


Super Lift Face Serum
Large Hot Elixir to drink
Large Cold Elixir to drink

  • Elixir Cold Drink Promotes:

    Cleanse kidney, liver, blood & intestines from heavy metals, toxins & Xenoestrogens

    Maintains weight

    Prevents bloating

    Improve fat metabolism

    Cleanse from addiction

    Balanced pH

    Regulate blood sugar level & sugar uptake

    Cholesterol control

    Blood Cloth cellular, micro removal

    Immune function strong boost

    Helps build defensive antibodies

    Acne control & reduction 

    Cancer control & healing

    Hormone balance, improve.

    Rebuilds red blood cells. 

    Provides oxygen  formation.

    Boosts thyroid function.

    Provides most unique bio- minerals, bio-omegas & bio-vitamins.

    Repairs tissue & mitochondria


    Recommended to drink cold in the morning to protect your stomach and entire system.  

  • Elixir Hot Drink promotes:

    Rebuilds stomach lining, kidney, liver.

    Controls acid reflex & internal pH.

    Maintains to be regular by healing & strengthening intestines.

    Improves alkalinity and digestive health.

    Boosts immune system support

    Strengthens heart and veins

    Reduce arthritis and inflammation

    Improves brain: cognition, memory, moods, concentration.

    Reduces depression.

    Improves & heals joints, ulcers, stones, arthritis, fibromyalgia.

    Muscle tissue repair & tightens flab.

    Stimulates production of muscle mass

    Increase body immunity

    Heals chronic anemia

    Increases stamina

    Haemoglobin formation

    Regulates growth and bone development

    Strengthens cartilage, joints, tendons and the heart

    Maintains hormone balance, & prevents menopause side effects or hot flashes.

    Rebuilds healthy DNA, brain, skin 

    Improves sleep quality.

    Regulates blood pressure/sugar & pH.

    Cancer control & cancer healing safely!

    Cholesterol control

    Detox from heavy metals, high cortisol & from  Xenoestrogens.

    Strengthens red blood cells.

    Increases oxygen uptake. 

    Strengthens thyroid.

    Boosts energy, immune system, and performance.

    Blood Cloth cellular, micro removal

    Immune function strong boost

    Helps build defensive antibodies

    Recommended to drink as mixed with hot water before sleep.

  • Super Lift Face Serum  F3 ™

     F3 ™  Organic 100% botanical, synergistic Face Serum. Very light. Not oily. Not heavy. It’s Lifting & Refreshing.                                                                                                          It reduces the appearance of Sagging Skin, Lines, and Wrinkles. WITHOUT painful, expensive injections, WITHOUT dangerous muscle relaxers, cheap or harsh chemical ingredients.  People also use it instead of sunscreen because it reflects away bad sunlight rays.

    Works in Just 2 Minutes. Impressive Results on Frown Lines and Laugh Lines due to Rich Minerals & Polyphenols. Spectacular Results on Under Eye Wrinkles and Crows Feet due to Vitamins A, B-9, C, E, K. 100% pure botanical extracts also containi 26 types of active Seeds collagenm, each micro condensed to be absorbed by the skin. Hypoallergenic - Safe and Effective for All Skin Types & Delicate Skin due to 100% Pure Extracts. Softens and heals damaged skin. Supplies nutrition to skin cells. Rebuilds genes (DNA). Protects from weather damage and heals cracked/withered skin due to Botanical Amino Acids. Prevents & takes away acne, black heads, toxins, dark spots and wrinkles. Heals Rosacea, allergies, eczema, dryness. Helps in skin recovery after burn, cut or bleeding skin. Heals & reduces bleeding of red veins due to help of Flawonoids. Good for healthy skin as well. Helps in iron absorption & maintenance for cell repair and strong growth. Moisturizes skin. Lifts up, tightens and promotes young and beautiful skin & colors which last forever. (while using product)


    Clinical studies were conducted by Private Laboratories to determine the efficiency of (F3) Fero Face Fit 2-Minute Lift. The studies were performed among a statistically significant panel of men and women ranging in age from 27 to 56 and 95 years old. Panelists exhibited varying degrees reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the entire face. This full face evaluation is statistically more significant than most traditional wrinkle/fine line studies performed.

    Conclusion of the Study: "When used in accordance with intended package directions, the product in two minutes reduced the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles on an average of 90% on a full face evaluation. Maximum reductions of 98% were observed after using it for 6 months and longer. Data is statistically significant and further, this phenomenon was documented and confirmed by the photographic record made during the course of this study. Biological cell membranes begin to rebuild naturally stronger from the concentration of omega-3-6, Amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, flavonoids and plant polyphenols from F3 Serum. Membranes then become more elastic & flexible. Cracking vain & drying skin stops and intracellular signaling start functioning to refresh, clean, detox, moisturize: skin & underneath muscles. This will help with cell breathing on the entire facial surface. After the serum application, all membranes that were thinner, weaker, dehydrated, stiff, rigid, inelastic, or were unable to maintain nutrition delivery into/from a cell, start to rebuild themselves. Making them stronger, expelling toxic substances away from inside and, performing physiological functions: (transport, metabolism & oxidation) each serum application promotes healthy cell living process. The formula is derived from defensive plant system. Just as plants can withstand summer heat & freezing winter temperatures then, activate new life in spring, that our cells will activate new cellular rejuvenation when the serum is applied. It activates its function by using body temperature.

    How does (F3) 2Minute Lift™ compare to Botox™? Unlike Botox™, Fero Face Fit 2 Minute Lift™ is an all natural product that is applied topically and does not require painful injections. F3 does not contain any toxins, alcohol, human fat, muscle relaxers, colorants, fillers, thickeners, preservatives: Parabens, GMO products or harmful chemical ingredients. With (F3) 2 Minute Lift™, you will get so  much satisfied results that you can see within 2 minutes of your first application without the potential dangers associated with Botox. From F3 serum all natural, increased levels of low in molecular weight nutritious antioxidants will confer protective effects against oxidative stress through topical dermal application. In our serum we use super active botanical polyphenols eliminating toxins & heavy metals from cells: micro shooing them away like a super broom. For nutrition and repair the serum provides unique vitamins: A, B-9, E, C, K, seeds collagen, plant proteins-minerals: zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, collagen, potassium, manganese, carotene. Additionally the F3 serum provides over 9 Essential Amino Acids that our skin can’t make but, absorbs them from our serum to rebuild healthy  (DNA) Genes: 1* Histidine for repair of tissue 2* Isoleucine increase energy levels 3* Leucine for healing 4* Lysine for cell development 5* Methionine to break down fats/toxins 6* Phenylalanine to elevates mood 7* Threonine to maintain protein balance & formation of collagen 8* Tryptophan for brain & heart  9*  Valine to build muscle & aid in tissue repair* Asparic Acid to increases stamina* Arginine to increase production of collagen, *Serine for fat metabolism* Glutamine to metabolize sugars and fats in addition of supplying fuel for the brain* Proline improves skin texture * Glycine promotes healthy muscles* Alanine activates metabolism of glucose* Tyrosine maintains hormone balance & prevents menopause side effects, prevents acne. 

    F3 serum also contains Flavonoids to eliminate discoloration & to brighten skin colours, omega-3-6 from plants, herbs, seeds, flowers, roots, petals & rose, jasmine, geranium, thyme. With longer use of the product the skin cells will receive prime  nutrition to maintain a healthier & fit appearance.

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