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Bio-Bone Day (Dzień) Large.  6X concentrated.

Bio-Bone Day (Dzień) Large. 6X concentrated.


Bio-Bone Day (Dzień) Large. 6X concentrated.

  • Super Healing Benefits:

    Bio-Bone Day gives energy, rebuilds cells, boosts mitochondrial biogenesis, and quickly strengthens the spine, neck, shoulders, fingers and helps to rebuild hips & knees. It lubricates & firmly restores the joints in fingers, wrists, arms, toes, ankles, knees, hips, spine & neck. It rebuilds collagen & structural water channels in hardened, porous bones and prevents them from crushing or breaking. Bones cease to "creak", block or squeeze painfully. The pain goes away. 

    People who eat one teaspoon every morning noticed that their pain disappeared and their silhouette straightened up. They say: now it is easier to bend, turn, walk, jump, run, bike, go for long walks or sleep without crying out of pain. Some went back to the gym or for long walks. They noticed effects after few hours and on the next day even more. So they use it every morning as building blocks for younger & stronger body. After eating it for a few months they noticed that even dark spots from their skin had also disappeared.

    Bio-Bone is the only synergistic combo of herbs, seeds, roots & flowers along with a high concentration of unique types of 26 types of bio-collagen from seeds, minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and antioxidants. Formulated by bio-organic engineers it’s an all 100% pure botanical supplement that will return your body to a natural state. It will undo damage caused by years of neglect. It will repair fluoride, opioids, antibiotics or other drugs side effects. It will help in faster healing process. Not made from GMO, synthetics or animal sources, not washed in chemical baths, no binders or stabilizers added. All 100% organic extracts are powdered & placed in a fridge to maintain freshness & potency. This bone & cartilage health formula can be taken along with any supplements, optimizing their effectiveness and helps to ease allergies as well. 

    Directions: Eat 1⁄2, or 1 teaspoon on its own, straight or on yogurt. You can drink water after. Or you can mix it with cold or warm water and drink like a tea. Consume it in the morning or lunch time, before, with or, after food. It gives a lot of energy to your cells: for rebuilding purposes. Eat all residue left in a cup.

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