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Bio-Bone Night (Noc) Small. Sleep recovery

Bio-Bone Night (Noc) Small. Sleep recovery


Bio-Bone Night (Noc) Small. 6X concentrated.

Sleep recovery

  • Fast Healing Benefits:

    Bio-Bone Night formula helps with sleep quality. People who take it before sleep, experience better sleep and they wake up in the morning well rested, with fresh energy, not tired or stiff. The natural Night extracts are designed to work in the dark, while body is resting. They increase the flow of structural water, collagen, minerals, fluids, your own stem cells, nutrients and vitamins in to the brain, spine, bones, cartilage, organs & skin. While the extracts rebuild the body they also clean the cells & DNA from toxins. They make space for new, healthy cells growth, without any memory of sick DNA. The night formula will detox the body from heavy metals, toxins, aluminum & mercury. It will undo damage caused by years of neglect. It will repair fluoride, opioids, antibiotics or other drugs side effects. It will help in faster healing process. Your skeletal, cartilage & blood cells need that for proper reconstruction. Starting from half a spoon of extracts each evening people say that now it is easier to turn in the bed without screaming out of pain, fell asleep better, have deep sleep all night and wake up rested with fresh energy in the morning. They eat half a spoon just before bed and they have full sleep recovery. Also their intestines perform healthier. Their liver, kidney, stomach & heart becomes better & blood sugar level is regulated to normal. The Bio-Bone Night natural extracts are considered most unique detox & restart, synergy booster. All 150 concentrated constituents are produced by biologically extracted process so their nutrients will promote each other's absorption to improve density and quality of bone, cartilage, tendons and muscles. Directions: Eat 1/4th, 1⁄2, or 1 teaspoon alone, on yogurt, or mix with 1⁄2 cup of hot or cold water and then drink it. Please eat all residue left from the cup.

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