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Re - Start Drink (cold)

Re - Start Drink (cold)

SKU: 850ml
A fresh sip daily will boost your bodys energy, giving mico nutirents to heal and grow. Activate with Cold Water.
  • Promotes:

    Cleanse kidney, liver, blood from heavy metals, intestines

    Maintain or lose weight

    prevents bloating

    fat metabolism

    Cleanse from addiction

    Balanced pH

    Regulate blood sugar level

    Regulate sugar uptake

    Cholesterol control

    break down fats

    Chronic anemia



    Improve sleep


    Rejuvenate DNA/genes

  • Extra:

    For young and old, male and female.

    Gentle enough with prescription medication.

    1 sip daily (3 tbsp) or more. On its own or added to your water, smoothie, or juice.

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