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Zero Degrees - For Gentlemen - Regular Serum

Zero Degrees - For Gentlemen - Regular Serum

For every gentleman; young, adult and wise
  • Promotes strong, smooth & hydrated skin:

    For after shave - Soothing, not burning. Heals cuts or bleeding. Feels Refreshing & Cool. It's easy to spread on entire face. 
    Also apply around the eyes, dark circles, winkles and even heals dry eyes if applied on top of the eyelids. 

    Apply to other sensitive areas as well if needed, such as:

    Scalp - moisturize and prevent dandruff or dry skin
    Privates - sooth heat rash, chafing, friction burns, and shaving irritation
    Lips - moisturize and heal
    Nose - heals cuts or dry nose from work, weather or allergies
    Beard - softens hair, promotes healthy hair and condition
    Face Skin - to heal acne, rosacea, sun burns, wind burns, rashes, cuts, broken veins, dry skin. 

  • Extra:

    For morning, day and/or night. Use as often as needed by your hungry skin. Can be used by its' own. It will hydrate, rejuvenate, strengthen, smooth out the skin. It will whiten dark spots, heal agitated red skin, heal sun damage. 

    it's gentle enough and refreshing to use 2 times daily. Many man  with healthy skin use it to protect and hydrate face. The serum has enough vitamins & minerals to nourish skin for long lasting. 

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