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Post peel or skin treatment

Post peel or skin treatment

C$145.00 Regular Price
C$135.00Sale Price

This package contains 1 super-sized Regular Serum, 1 Tonic, and 1 medium Pulping Cream.
*To order different sizes, please refer to the package when ordering, and simply ask for larger or smaller product sizes*

  • Promotes:

    After a harsh skin peel, acne treatment, chemical peel, defoliant, skin bleach or other skin treatment, our skin is irritated and damaged; out of balance for nutrients and moisture.

    Heal it by applying the Serum to replenish and rejuvenate, the Tonic to supply electrolytes and moisture and the Pulping Cream to trap moisture and protect the skin.

  • Extra:

    For any skin type including  sensitive / delicate skin

    For women, men and children

    For morning, day and/or night. Use as often as needed by your hungry skin.

    Gentle enough with prescription medication/cream. 

    Best to apply before other products but can apply after.

    Simply apply on and allow skin to absorb Serum. 

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