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Herbal Nectar - For Women - Regular Serum

Herbal Nectar - For Women - Regular Serum

All natural serum to replenish nutrients in your skin cells and promote strong skin
  • Promotes:

    Healthy, looking fresh skin.

    Rebuild stronger cell membrane
    Elastic and flexible skin
    Hydrate skin and underlying muscles
    Help cells breath and mkes skin feel light.
    Expel toxic substances & dead skin away quickly.
    Enhance skin cell performance (transport, metabolism, oxidation, intracellular signaling, and nutrition delivery)
    Rebuild healthier skin cells with minerals, Vitamins A, B-9, C, E, K.
    Sooth irritation, acne, impurities, dryness or darker spots. 
    Protect form weather damage: winds, cold or heat.
    Calm and restore skin layers 
    Prevent toxins from penetrating skin
    Heal, energize, & rebuild skin cells and collagen

  • Extra:

    For babes, children, sensitive / delicate skin, seniors, men, women

    For morning, day and/or night. Use as often as needed by your hungry skin.

    Gentle enough with prescription medication. 

    Can apply before makeup and other products, or after.

    If before, spread a small dollop over the skin and allow Serum to absorb into the skin.

    If after simply dap on and allow skin to absorb Serum. 

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