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Radient Skin

Radient Skin

C$280.00 Regular Price
C$270.00Sale Price

This package contains 2 super-sized regular Serums, 1 Tonic, 1 Mask, and 1 medium Re-Start Drink (Hot) with 1 medium Re-Start Drink (Cold).

  • Promotes:

    A combination of Serum, Tonic, Mask and Drinks give radiant skin from the inside and out.

    The Mask will gently cleanse and give minerals, then the Tonic will supply electrolytes and freshen the skin, with the Serum to rejuvenate damaged cells and skin layers. 

    The Drinks will help to cleanse and give back nutrients to the body and skin so that the blood supplies nutrition to the cells. 

  • Extra:

    Skin Products:

    Can be applied to the face, hands, body, feet, nails and scalp.

    For any skin type including  sensitive / delicate skin

    For women, men and children

    For morning, day and/or night. Use as often as needed by your hungry skin.

    Gentle enough with prescription medication/cream. 

    Best to apply before other products but can apply after.

    Simply apply on and allow skin to absorb Serum. 


    For young and old, male and female.

    Gentle enough with prescription medication.

    1 sip daily (3 tbsp.) or more. On its own or added to your water, smoothie, or juice.

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