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Rash, Burn, Cut, Pealing, Thin/dry lips, Dry skin

Rash, Burn, Cut, Pealing, Thin/dry lips, Dry skin

C$210.00 Regular Price
C$200.00Sale Price

This package contains Face Regular Serum, H2O Pulping Cream & 83 minerals  spray Tonic.
*To order different sizes, please refer to the package when ordering, and simply ask for larger or smaller product sizes* 


  • Promotes:

    Regular Serum will activate cells' mitochondria to perforn fast repair/healing tasks. It will freshen, moisturize, clear the skin layers. It will heal burns or cuts quickly. It will heal red spots, dark spots, black heads, oily spots, dryness, rashes, acne, sun damage or chemical damage. It will eliminate bacteria, viruses & toxins from skin. It will regulate skins' pH so the oily or dry spots will become normal.

    The H2O Pulping Cream will lock in moisture, heal damaged skin cells, pulp underneath skin layer with minerals, protect from dust or bacteria. Also good for lips to keep them hydrated & pulp.

    For Men, Women and Children. All skin types. 


  • Extra micro absorbable, Helping skin to breath.

    For super sensitive / delicate / allergy/ dry/oily or acting skin type.

    For women, men and children

    Use morning, day and night. Use as often as needed by your hungry skin.

    Many people use it on its own and works very good for them.  

    Simply they apply on without rubbing it in and allow skin to absorb it.  

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